Monday, July 2, 2018

Enamel Pins - Neptune's Neighbor

Randomly browsing on etsy has yet again revealed some products that I HAD to have!
Neptune's Neighbor is a design-based series of products from Karina Thome. Amongst the collection is a series of Stanley Kubrick inspired enamel pins, obviously I felt inclined to buy a couple!

There are a LOT of A Clockwork Orange badges on etsy, but during one of my very regular 'What new Kubrick stuff has appeared on etsy?' searches, this one truly stood out! The vibrant colour choices really caught my attention & it's such a iconic image from the film!
The badge is called simply 'Ultra Violence' & measures about 1.5 inches across.

For those who know me, it's common knowledge that 2001: A Space Odyssey is definitely my second favourite Kubrick film. So, when I found the '2001 Space in Outer Space' pin in the Neptune's Neighbor store as well, it was a necessary addition to my purchase! A visualisation of what is probably one of my absolute favourite scenes in 2001! This badge measures 1.25 inches.

Neptune's Neighbor also have a Lolita pin available! I was very tempted to buy it as well, but I was just a little short on cash at the time. This is definitely a future purchase!

These enamel pins are fantastic & ridiculously cheap! Only $8 USD per pin & the shipping is very reasonable(was only $4 to ship two pins to Australia!). In the grand scheme of enamel pins, these are beautifully made & truly worth the price! My photos really don't do them justice! I'm eager to see what designs Karina Thome adds to the collection in the future!

You can view Karina Thomes work on her website & find her Neptune's Neighbour series in her etsy store. You can also follow her on facebook!

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