Friday, June 28, 2013

A Clockwork Reaper or 'A Random Find'

Over the years I've stumbled across many ACO items(obviously), including numerous skateboard company parody products(still seeking the Hook-Ups ultraviolence deck & stickers), but recently I found a sticker on eBay I've never seen before, so I quickly bid & now it's mine. I'm unsure if the sticker has a specific product name, but it's by Blind & a parody of their reaper character. It's quite adorable really.

It's always nice to find something unexpectedly. Of course I'm all out of top loaders to display it in(next expense). Fun little item, it adds a nice touch to my cabinet, hopefully I'll have more random finds in the future. Always enjoy when I find something I can actually acquire.
If you're seeking one of these, I recommend eBay. Search for 'Blind Reaper Sticker'(as people seem to rarely place A Clockwork Orange in the product name) & good luck.