Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Old Ultraviolence or 'Why I Love eBay'

To begin, apologies for not blogging yet this week. I've been trying to fix my sleep-pattern, it's resulted in a lack of motivation for the last few days. As a result, my blog(& other endeavors) have suffered. I have been slowly working on a post or two, but today is the first day of a new postage week & I got mail! I kept this 'find' secret, mostly because I didn't want more people I had to bid against. I have managed to find & acquire, one of the very first things I blogged about, the Yosiell Lorenzo 'The Old Ultraviolence' wood print.

When I first learned of the existence of this piece, I was sure I'd never own one. A limited run of only 40, the likelihood of someone selling one, seemed almost impossible. Thankfully, due to my obsessive eBay browsing, I found one.

My Plaque(apology for the crappy photo)

I had to outbid another person to win it(paid a little more then I'd hoped), but it was totally worth it. The plaque is 9x12inches, quite large. It's number 11/40.

Signed & Numbered

I currently have no where to display it. I bought a plate stand for it, it doesn't fit & I have no appropriate wall hooks. The never ending bane of my existence, my inability to display my items nicely. So I now plan to buy a cabinet from Ikea, something simple, but with a LOT of space. I suppose I'll also need to acquire a larger plate stand(there's a fun task).

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