Thursday, July 25, 2013

Barson Edition Droog Bust

As per my usual, I apologise for the lack of posts this week. So now time to make up for it with something fantastic. My Barsom Edition Droog Bust arrived this week from Retro Outlaw. A beautiful edition to my collection, I simply love Retro Outlaws work. Sculpted by Barsom Manashian & molded by Chris Santaro. This is probably my favourite addition to my collection this year. The detail is amazing.

A few little extras were thrown into my package(I'm a repeat customer. Or one could perhaps use the word 'obsessed', in regards to my great need to own Retro Outlaws ACO inspired pieces). A couple of small items are always a nice surprise when one orders something.

For now, this bust finds it's home next to my 'Droog Leader'(also from Retro Outlaw, they have a few variations still available online). Hopefully I've found myself a new cabinet(potentially for free) that will be replacing my current one in the task of holding my ACO collection. So try to think of my occasional cabinet photo as a 'temporary home' kind of thing.

These busts are still available - here. Limited edition run of 100, 9inches tall & $120. They're worth every penny.