Sunday, January 24, 2021

CRM Toys - Crime Cure Boy

Fair warning, this is gonna be a long one!

Sometime before 2003(I'm unsure of the exact year & trust me, I have HUNTED for this information... It may have been as early as the 90s!), a company called CRM Toys created a handful of figurines which they sold at Superfest(Tokyo).
CRM, or more specifically 'CRM 114', is a recurring series of letters & numbers in Stanley Kubrick films. In A Clockwork Orange for example, the serum used in the Ludovico Technique is named 'Serum 114'.
CRM Toys really is a pretty brilliant brand name, particularly if one of your major focuses is characters from Kubrick movies!
Over the years CRM Toys did two runs of their Alex Delarge figure, which they called 'Crime Cure Boy'. The first came in coloured packaging & the second release came in black and white packaging. No one really knows for sure, but there's a estimated 70-100 of each figure in existence. Each figurine was available for just 24 hours.

These figures have become more & more scarce as the years went on. I honestly never expected to own one, until I saw one in black & white packaging on ebay at a price I couldn't ignore! I decided to dip into my savings to buy it(& no, I won't be elaborating on how much I paid for it!)!
It's always a little unnerving buying something so expensive, but in this case it turned out to be ABSOLUTELY worth it! I opened the package & the first thing I saw was 'scribbling' on the front of the box, which was honestly a bit concerning! Two seconds later my brain realised it was a Malcolm McDowell autograph(which I have had a friend confirm)!!! This was NOT mentioned in the ebay listing(they in fact neglected to include a image of the front of the box) & honestly, I'm just blown away by this extra addition to my purchase!

Besides a small tear in one of the tabs that slides into the box, the packaging is in surprisingly good condition considering it's age. The box art is fantastic, covered in quotes from the film & a black and white redition of the figure itself.
Additionally, of the three accessories included, the hat & walking stick are still sealed in their original packaging! The mask, oddly, still has one of it's eyes attached(i'm guessing a factory error), which I honestly kinda love. It adds to the uniqueness of my own personal figurine! There will never be any confusion over who this particular figure belongs to!

Please excuse the shitty photo!

All CRM Toys figurines are 12 inches tall(1/6 scale) hand painted & hand-sewn. A lot of people seem to have issues with the paint work on these figures, but I personally love the simplicity, as it dosen't steal from the brilliant scult work! This figure is jointed & in fact, I've read that apparently even the fingers can be articulated! Making this a extremely versatile & poseable toy!

I still can't beleive I own this figurine! It's honestly one of those items I knew existed, but never thought I would possess. It's going to take me months to replace the money from my savings & it was completely worth it!
I'm personally still undecided how I'll display this, though I deifnitely think it's one of those times the packaging will be part of the aesthetic! Plus side, I do believe I have a spare figure-stand stashed somewhere, but I'll definitely need to move a few things around to fit it into one of my cabinets. It may even be time to upgrade to something taller!
Now that this figure has been successfully knocked off my grail list, it's time to get back to the endless hunt for the others!

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Alex Delarge POKIS - SD Toys

I do regular google searches(as mentioned in many previous blog posts), mainly for new toy releases. A couple of weeks ago this resulted in me finding the cutest fucking ACO toy I've ever seen! I then spent a day or two hunting for a site that would actually ship to Australia & wasn't charging a insane shipping price. These efforts were very fruitful!
I present the Alex Delarge Pokis by SD Toys! The cutest damn figurine in the world!

(Images of unbox toy from Figurines Rock)

I ended up ordering this from Figurines Rock who were offering the best price(also the euro exchange rate isn't too painful right now, which is nice!). I've been aware of their site for a while(they had a orignal ACO resin figure, tragically I never acquired one) & I was stupid-happy they had this little figure in stock!

This is made from rigid rubber & it stands at approximately 7cm tall with his hat & stand. This is one of my smallest A Clockwork Orange items I own! What's even more ridiculous, is that it comes in a window box! The box itself is only 8.5cm tall! All adding to the adorableness that is this toy!

I can't get over what a cutie this little minifig is! I'm so happy I found it!

You can find SD Toys at their website, or on their facebook & Instagram.
If you want to buy this figure & get a good price, it's still available from Figurines Rock & I highly recommend them!

Monday, January 11, 2021

Clockwork Orange Shirt - ASOS DESIGN

Picked this shirt up from ASOS, from their own 'ASOS DESIGN' brand. I was googling for toys & found this instead! It was on sale, so I couldn't NOT buy it! Thankfully they still had a size small in stock, so it only took about 30 seconds to make a decision on this!

It's nice to find clothing that isn't a t-shirt for once, I do enjoy a collared shirt! This shirt was made in Turkey(who knew that was a fashion hub?) & is 100% viscose. It drapes wonderfully & is incredibly comfortable! The print isn't too thick, which hopefully means this shirt will have a nice long life! I now have an excuse to improve my 'french tuck' technique!

I'm quite eager to wear this out(though it needs a iron first!), it'll create a wonderful smart-casual look! I'm almost tempted to wear it to my brothers wedding in March(which I'm sure would go down well with my family)! Though honestly I feel I could wear this all year round. A nice extra layer in spring, or over a long-sleeve in winter. I love a versitile piece of clothing!

I do love a random 'find'. It's not the first time I've stumbled across A Clockwork Orange clothing, but it's often beyond my price range. It was nice to find something on sale for once!
As I write this, these shirts were still availble, though admittedly only a few sizes left, so if you want one, now is the time! You can find them here.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Clockwork Kubrick Vinyl Sticker - Vinyl Hell Sticker Co

I'm still undecided how many of the things I've acquired over the last 18 months or so I'll blog about, but I gained only one ACO item for x-mas & I thought that worth sharing!

Nothing too fancy, it's just a sticker, but like all ACO items I was super stoked to recieve this! Sent by my friend Chris Hammond who is one of the writers at Rue Morgue. He has in fact previously written a review of these stickers: Keep It Retro With These Horror Movie Video Vinyl Stickers.
Vinyl Hell Sticker Co. do super fun VHS styled stickers(amongst other things), inspired by some of the greatest movies ever made! My ACO sticker is of course proof of their taste in film!

I'm loving all the little details on this sticker. The r-rating, the cult classic logo, the eyelashes over the reel, the movie quote & just the general aesthetic! It's not a bad size at 5.16" x 2.84" either(about 70% the size of a VHS tape according to their store). Limited to 50, it's part of Video Vinyl "Volume 5", which also includes The Shining sticker amongst the selection(must always name-drop other kubrick films!)!

Strangely enough I don't gain a lot of ACO stickers, so I'm very happy to add this one to my collection & it's a nice introduction to a brand I didn't know existed! I've actually been considering a fancy display for my small collection of stickers, but it might be a while before I achieve that. For now, I've slipped my VHS into a toploader & crammed it in my cabinet!

If you want to add this sticker to your own collection, you can find it in the Vinyl Hell Sticker Co store.
You can also find Vinyl Hell Sticker Co on instagram & facebook.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Amazing X-tend-O Droogie - Chainsaw Estates

After a very long hiatus(I had image hosting troubles), I'm attempting to get this blog back up & running! So without further ado, here's something new:

Jess Wroblewski of Chainsaw Estates is a member of my A Clockwork Orange Collectors group on facebook & shared his latest creation with the members a few weeks ago. I expressed how awesome I thought his droogie was & he offered to post me one!
It arrived on X-mas eve! A lovely little x-mas treat for me!

(video of a Droogie in action, courtesy of Jesse Wroblewski himself!)

The "X-tend-O Genuine Old Fashioned Crappy Scissor Toy Droogie" are a limited edition of just 25 pieces & are only $15 USD each! A bargain price for a bit of silly fun! I love adding something quirky & different to my collection & this toy definitely fills that critieria.

The "Amazing X-tend-Os" retro toys are what I think of as "Craptastic"! So crap(a sentiment the artist himself agrees with if what's written on the packaging is a honest expression of his feelings about his work!), but also so very necessary in my life! This dumb thing made me stupidly happy!

I'm still debating opening it, or leaving it in packaging. The endless mental battle of the collector! For now it'll remain packaged I think, but the temptation to play with it is very strong!!!

These amusingly crappy toys are still available in the Chainsaw Estate store. Including a selection of other fun designs!

You can also check out more of Chainsaw Estates work on instagram

Jesse also makes one-of-a-kind snowglobes & HAS made a A Clockwork Orange one! I'll be blogging about that piece of epicness in the future(just to drop a teaser on you all!)!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Clockwork Pino - Fools Paradise

What do you do when a amazing toy is available for pre-order & you're poor as fuck? Ask a friend! And that's exactly what I did to achieve the acquisition of this beast of a toy!
I've always found the toys Fools Paradise produce truly beautiful. Amazingly impressive pieces, in size & quality. When I learned they were releasing a A Clockwork Orange toy, I'd say my first reaction was desperation! I HAD to have this toy!

The same friend who helped me buy my Nadsat Boy last year, was glad to help me order my Pino! Then it was just a short 8 month wait to receive my toy...

Pre-ordered back in August, it finally arrived this week! This toy is truly remarkable! I'm pretty sure it's the largest toy I own! So massive in fact, that I had to start a new A Clockwork Orange shelf to fit it amongst my collection! It did give me a good excuse to dust however...

Approximately 30cm tall, made from vinyl & PVC. Originally $298 USD & limited to 498 pieces worldwide. The wrists are articulated, which made it reasonably easy to slide the walking stick between it's hands.
The juxtaposition of Disney & Kubrick amuses me greatly. As my sister phrased it "It's disturbing... so cutesy", which sums it up nicely I think. Though I'm sure we can all agree that Jiminy was always dressed in 'the height of fashion', just waiting to tolchock someone with that umbrella of his!

It occurs to me I should have done a unboxing video(not that I'm entirely sure how to do that). The packaging truly is impressive! But I've stashed it away & I'm too lazy to pull it back out again! But we're not here for the box anyway, we're here for the toy, which is truly one of the most beautiful things on my shelves! Alex said it best:

Oh bliss, bliss and heaven... Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh...

This toy has sold out, but you can check out Fools Paradise on their site, instagram & facebook.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Michelorangelo Clockwork Pizza - Jumbo Nuggatron

First designer toy of the year! A fun piece of resin to get things rolling! Part of Jumbo Nuggatrons 'Saturday Morning Horror Showoffs' series, Michelorangelo is a super fun parody toy & a welcome addition to my collection!
I had intended to buy one of these last year, took me a bit longer to pull the money together then I expected(not unusual), but I got there in the end! Thankfully, Jumbo Nuggatron is very friendly AND has the patience of a saint!

Made of resin & just over 4 inches tall. This toy is part of Jumbo Nuggatrons "Saturday Morning Horror Showoffs" series(as mentioned above), which are all based on movie related characters. It's one of 3 different toy lines he's currently focusing on. The other two are "Genetically Modified Organisms" which are all food related characters & "Super Handcast Resin Crusaders" which are all Superheroes and Villains. Turtles seem to be the base for all of these collections. A base form that seems to work surprisingly well for every design Jumbo Nuggatron has endeavoured to create!

Tragically during transit a bit of paint rubbed off on the inside of the package(so mild it didn't even show up in my photos). Not the first time I've had this happen with a toy. The backing card is a little dinged up around the edges too, but again, not an uncommon problem. Honestly not stressed about it, at least the toy is still in one piece!

I absolutely LOVE the artwork on the back of this! It totally caught me off guard! There I was snagging some photos, flipped it over to see if there was any details on the back & instead I was pleasantly surprised by the most epic piece of art! This amazing card art is by Puta Lock, who lends his amazing skills to all of Jumbo Nuggatrons toy packaging.
The back of the card also made me aware that these are limited edition! Mine is number 5 of 18.

There are a handful of these still available, along with a few other amusing parody toys! You can grab one in Jumbo Nuggatrons store.
You can check out more of Jumbo Nuggatrons work on his facebook & instagram
You can also find Puta Lock & his amazing artwork on instagram.