Monday, April 8, 2019

Clockwork Pino - Fools Paradise

What do you do when a amazing toy is available for pre-order & you're poor as fuck? Ask a friend! And that's exactly what I did to achieve the acquisition of this beast of a toy!
I've always found the toys Fools Paradise produce truly beautiful. Amazingly impressive pieces, in size & quality. When I learned they were releasing a A Clockwork Orange toy, I'd say my first reaction was desperation! I HAD to have this toy!

The same friend who helped me buy my Nadsat Boy last year, was glad to help me order my Pino! Then it was just a short 8 month wait to receive my toy...

Pre-ordered back in August, it finally arrived this week! This toy is truly remarkable! I'm pretty sure it's the largest toy I own! So massive in fact, that I had to start a new A Clockwork Orange shelf to fit it amongst my collection! It did give me a good excuse to dust however...

Approximately 30cm tall, made from vinyl & PVC. Originally $298 USD & limited to 498 pieces worldwide. The wrists are articulated, which made it reasonably easy to slide the walking stick between it's hands.
The juxtaposition of Disney & Kubrick amuses me greatly. As my sister phrased it "It's disturbing... so cutesy", which sums it up nicely I think. Though I'm sure we can all agree that Jiminy was always dressed in 'the height of fashion', just waiting to tolchock someone with that umbrella of his!

It occurs to me I should have done a unboxing video(not that I'm entirely sure how to do that). The packaging truly is impressive! But I've stashed it away & I'm too lazy to pull it back out again! But we're not here for the box anyway, we're here for the toy, which is truly one of the most beautiful things on my shelves! Alex said it best:

Oh bliss, bliss and heaven... Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh...

This toy has sold out, but you can check out Fools Paradise on their site, instagram & facebook.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Michelorangelo Clockwork Pizza - Jumbo Nuggatron

First designer toy of the year! A fun piece of resin to get things rolling! Part of Jumbo Nuggatrons 'Saturday Morning Horror Showoffs' series, Michelorangelo is a super fun parody toy & a welcome addition to my collection!
I had intended to buy one of these last year, took me a bit longer to pull the money together then I expected(not unusual), but I got there in the end! Thankfully, Jumbo Nuggatron is very friendly AND has the patience of a saint!

Made of resin & just over 4 inches tall. This toy is part of Jumbo Nuggatrons "Saturday Morning Horror Showoffs" series(as mentioned above), which are all based on movie related characters. It's one of 3 different toy lines he's currently focusing on. The other two are "Genetically Modified Organisms" which are all food related characters & "Super Handcast Resin Crusaders" which are all Superheroes and Villains. Turtles seem to be the base for all of these collections. A base form that seems to work surprisingly well for every design Jumbo Nuggatron has endeavoured to create!

Tragically during transit a bit of paint rubbed off on the inside of the package(so mild it didn't even show up in my photos). Not the first time I've had this happen with a toy. The backing card is a little dinged up around the edges too, but again, not an uncommon problem. Honestly not stressed about it, at least the toy is still in one piece!

I absolutely LOVE the artwork on the back of this! It totally caught me off guard! There I was snagging some photos, flipped it over to see if there was any details on the back & instead I was pleasantly surprised by the most epic piece of art! This amazing card art is by Puta Lock, who lends his amazing skills to all of Jumbo Nuggatrons toy packaging.
The back of the card also made me aware that these are limited edition! Mine is number 5 of 18.

There are a handful of these still available, along with a few other amusing parody toys! You can grab one in Jumbo Nuggatrons store.
You can check out more of Jumbo Nuggatrons work on his facebook & instagram
You can also find Puta Lock & his amazing artwork on instagram.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Embroidery - SmellChops

Sometimes it's good to know people!
A friend of mine has embraced embroidery as a hobby, so I had to commission something!
SmellyChops(Josh Murphy) indulges in a lot of crafting & I'm always eager to see what he's working on. However, his embroidery work intrigues me & I found the idea of a A Clockwork Orange embroidery for my home absolutely necessary!

SmellyChops sent me progress photos as he worked. From the initial sketch, to the complete work!

I love the little stitches that add 'texture' to the piece, you can really see the time that went into this! Lucy is the perfect background image & I can only imagine the tedium involved stitching her over & over! Truly worth it for the end result!

The embroidery was beautifully framed before it was sent to me, saving me the effort of trying to centre it myself! I always love art that's ready to be displayed! Admittedly I'd have preferred a wall-mountable frame, but that's an easily dealt with problem(I mean, besides the fact my framing kit is a little diminished at the moment).

This is definitely one of the more unique pieces in my collection & I'm so glad I inquired about having something made! It keeps drawing my eye. I'm very pleased with it!

You can check out Josh's other work on his instagram: SmellyChops

Additional thought. I know I've been slack with my blogging lately. I have another post mostly written, but everything else, I'm hoping to get properly displayed before I share them. So please bare with me as I agonise over frame purchases!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Stanley Kubrick Production tees & more!

I received a newsletter from Dolls Kill today with a selection of 'pop culture costumes'. Amongst them, they had one they called the 'Strange Pleasure Costume Set', which is quite obviously A Clockwork Orange inspired.

If I celebrated Halloween & was willing to wear something so revealing, I'd be all over that... but alas, it's a bit extreme for me.

However, as I stared at this costume, I noticed her bag! The 'Got Milk Crossbody Bag' is also available from Dollskill & honestly, I'm so eager to buy one! I'd probably never actually use it, but it's a visual I need in my home!

It's such a fun item & really an obvious creation when you think about it. How are there not more milk-carton A Clockwork Orange things in this world?!?!

DollsKill also stock products from O-Mighty, including this epic 'Stanley Kubrick Production tank'.

If you're looking for a variation on this design, there are multiple different choices on O-Mightys website, but Dolls Kill seem to be out of stock of them all except the cropped tank.

For anyone seeking a basic unisex t-shirt, Mondotees stock a 'Stanley Kubrick Production' t-shirt as well, amongst may other Kubrick inspired products!

And while I'm here, Dumbgood also have a huge range of Stanley Kubrick inspired t-shirts at the moment! The A Clockwork Orange t-shirt is obviously my favourite. Nice & simple with Alex on the front & the title on the back.

Dumbgood have multiple designs based on A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, The Shining & 2001: A Space Odyssey available. It's a pretty impressive range & definitely worth having a look!

There's always something 'Kubrick' inspired out there to wear, but these are just my latest findings. I truly love the concept of 'Stanley Kubrick Production' shirts, super fun idea! Hopefully I'll acquire one one day. For now, that milk bag is my mission in life!

Links: Dolls Kill - O-Mighty - Mondotees - Dumbgood

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Nadsat Boy - Kenth Toy Works

Back when I started this blog, in my first post I shared three items. Thanks to my obsessive eBay hunting, I have finally obtained the last thing from that list! The OG Nadsat Boy by Kenth Toy Works!
Fives years of hunting paid off!

I was browsing eBay a couple of months ago & there it was! Scored this epic piece of vinyl for only $60 USD(not including shipping :P), which is cheaper then they were when they were released! I was completely poor when I found it, so a close friend of mine helped me buy it(he also recently helped me order another toy... but that's a story for another time) & now it's mine!

The seller claimed this was 'new in bag', but there's some discolouration to the walking stick that suggests otherwise. Honestly I'm not complaining, for the price I acquired this, a little discolouration isn't the end of the world. I also think the walking stick isn't sofubi, which might be a factor(PVC perhaps)... so if anyone else owns this toy & has had a similar problem with discolouration, I'd love to hear about it!

(Brand new photography tent, not a bad photo if I do say so myself!)

At 8 inches tall, this is a rather impressive addition to my shelves. The design is amazing. A simple pose, but the style of the piece lends a level of aggression to the toy. It's a wonderful homage to it's cinematic influence & a very welcome inclusion in my cabinet!

This leaves me craving a handful of other Kenth Toy Works 'A Clockwork Orange' inspired toys that I've missed in recent years, But much like I eventually found this, I hope to find those one day as well!

You can find Kenth Toy Works fantastic creations on facebook & instagram

Thursday, August 9, 2018


My latest addition to my PlasticGod collection! This thing is TINY! This is my 4th print from Plasticgod & it's the first 'mini' print I've acquired from them! It's so ridiculously small & cute!

These mini prints are 1.5 x 1.5 inches, digitally printed & limited to 50. Each one is signed & numbered. For only $15 USD these are totally worth it! This is definitely the smallest canvas I've ever owned(& will ever own, most likely!). Tried for a comparison image, though it occurs to me half my readers probably have no idea how big a Australian 20c coin is :P

These were designed for the 50th Hello Kitty Anniversary. They're part of a huge selection PlasticGod has available. But there was only one design for me!
This tiny thing makes a wonderful addition to my prior Cinnamonroll PlasticGod print, which in turn was a brilliant addition to my other two PlasticGod 'A Clockwork Orange' inspired prints!

It would seem I was the first person to buy one of these, so there's still 49 available! You can buy one here. PlasticGod also still has one of his other A Clockwork Orange x Hello Kitty prints available, which you can find here! Or if you just want to check out his work, you can find PlasticGods site here. You can also find Plasticgod on instagram

I'm a huge fan of PlasticGods work, so I might be mildly bias, but I highly recommend his work & honestly, who doesn't want a tiny little canvas in their life?

Monday, July 2, 2018

Enamel Pins - Neptune's Neighbor

Randomly browsing on etsy has yet again revealed some products that I HAD to have!
Neptune's Neighbor is a design-based series of products from Karina Thome. Amongst the collection is a series of Stanley Kubrick inspired enamel pins, obviously I felt inclined to buy a couple!

There are a LOT of A Clockwork Orange badges on etsy, but during one of my very regular 'What new Kubrick stuff has appeared on etsy?' searches, this one truly stood out! The vibrant colour choices really caught my attention & it's such a iconic image from the film!
The badge is called simply 'Ultra Violence' & measures about 1.5 inches across.

For those who know me, it's common knowledge that 2001: A Space Odyssey is definitely my second favourite Kubrick film. So, when I found the '2001 Space in Outer Space' pin in the Neptune's Neighbor store as well, it was a necessary addition to my purchase! A visualisation of what is probably one of my absolute favourite scenes in 2001! This badge measures 1.25 inches.

Neptune's Neighbor also have a Lolita pin available! I was very tempted to buy it as well, but I was just a little short on cash at the time. This is definitely a future purchase!

These enamel pins are fantastic & ridiculously cheap! Only $8 USD per pin & the shipping is very reasonable(was only $4 to ship two pins to Australia!). In the grand scheme of enamel pins, these are beautifully made & truly worth the price! My photos really don't do them justice! I'm eager to see what designs Karina Thome adds to the collection in the future!

You can view Karina Thomes work on her website & find her Neptune's Neighbour series in her etsy store. You can also follow her on facebook!