Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What Do You Collect & Collectomania

A little over a year ago, I received a newsletter from the Queensland Museum. It mentioned they were giving people a chance to put up a photo of their collections, on a page called 'What Do You Collect?'

Being proud of my collection & eager to share it with other collectors, I quickly took a photo(one of many crappy photos I'll be sharing today. As always, I apologise for my inability to take a decent photo) & uploaded it.

The next thing I know, The Sunday Mail is contacting me about an interview for an article. The also sent over a photographer, which was a new experience for me.

While waiting for the article to come out, I was contacted by Queensland Museum personally, to ask if I'd be interested in lending some of my collection for a exhibit they were working on. The idea of not having a portion of my collectables, for a long period of time, almost made me say no(& I am missing them dreadfully lately). Eventually however, I decided the opportunity was worth embracing.
After three visits from museum employees to take photos, measurements & choose which items they might consider using(they took 18, though only displayed about half of them), I was left to wait. A few months later, I received my invite to the opening of the exhibit.

Collectomania opened on the 28th of March & will end on the 31st of December. Entry is free.
I think the variety of collections is fascinating. Some are basically artwork(a model of Bilbo Baggins hobbit house, painted mini-figures, street art stickers etc.), other were simply 'found objects'. Plenty of antiques, music, brand collectors, amongst more.

Bundaberg Rum items lent by Bundaberg Rum Showcase

Rocking Horses lent by Robin Bailey

Pepsi Items lent by Bradley Worling

Salesmen Samples lent by Queensland Antique and Collectables Society Inc.

Diorama lent by The Military Workshop

Prosthetic Legs from 'Spare Parts' lent by Priscilla Sutton

I have visited the exhibit four times so far(it's nice to check on my things now & then) & intend to visit many more times in the coming months. My collection is part of the 'Against The Grain' section. Found next to a jar of toenails & saved chewing gum pieces(of all the odd things to hoard).

So basically, thanks to my obsession with browsing the internet & signing up for newsletters, I now have stuff temporarily displayed in a museum. Nice to have such an opportunity in my life & all because I sit here for about 14hours a day.

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