Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Clockwork Golly

I've been an avid badge collector for years, though my acquisitions of new ones is rare these days. I stumbled across one on eBay during one of my many browsing sessions, that I simply couldn't resist.
My mother use to occasionally acquire herself a golly badge from Robertsons & I always thought they were quite adorable. The moment I saw this one, I just had to own it.

The badge is a custom design by Sticky Wotsits on eBay(a tribute to the golly badges available in the past). It's a beautifully executed design. These photos don't do the details justice.

I only own a handful of enamel badges, a majority of them are on my custom ACO jacket. All of my ACO enamel badges are from eBay(there's a couple of others I hope to gain in the future). The boots badge was just a spontaneous addition & not specifically ACO inspired, though I think it's a nice touch on my jacket.
The jacket was designed by me & I had it sew by a seller on etsy(suspect999, tragically her store no longer exists). It's one of my few 'unique' items & something I'm quite proud of.

These of course, are not the only ACO clothing/accessories I own, but definitely some of my favourites.

As always, I apologise for the delay with a new post. Just seems I'm a bit distracted lately.

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