Friday, July 12, 2013

New Art & Another Toy I'll Never Own

I received a new piece of art in the post a couple of days ago, a sketch card by Fred Hembeck. A great artist, hilarious work. I was surprised when I found he was selling art on eBay, but ecstatic when I realised he'd sketched Alex DeLarge. I had to outbid a couple of people, as a result I paid a little more then I generally would for something so small. It's incredible in real life however & I'm glad I paid the price.

An additional thought, Frank Kozik has created a glow in the dark A Clockwork Carrot exclusive for San Diego Comic Con. Limited to only 50 pieces. It's unlikely I'll ever own one of these(this information did NOT improve my mood today). One day, probably a decade from now, I might actually make it to SDCC & pick up a few exclusives for myself.

This awesome new toy will be available from the 3dRetro booth(booth 5051) during the week. They'll have quite a few SDCC exclusives available at their booth(including the epic Evel Fett: Boba edition from Retro Outlaw). Be sure to stop by & spend copious amounts of money if you're one of those lucky ones heading to SDCC this year.

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