Saturday, January 4, 2014

FiT / Viniloeater - Custom Alex Dunny

Thanks to Facebook & my wonderful friends on there, I recently became aware of Viniloeaters custom toys. His work is beautiful & the day I learned of his work, I happened to find that he had just recently created a A Clockwork Orange custom.

I had to acquire it! Thankfully, much like most of the artists I've dealt with, Viniloeater is a wonderful person, very helpful & Alex is now mine.
He is my last ACO item of 2013(I received him about a week ago, but thanks to the holidays, I have been neglecting my blogs) & he is an absolutely stunning one. I'm simply in awe over the skill & beauty of Viniloeaters work, much more stunning then I could capture in a photo.

Hopefully this is the first of many more custom items in the future. I'm not one to request customs, I'd rather wait for the inspiration to hit an artist. My custom ACO toy acquisitions may be few & far between, but they're sure to be unique to the artists who create them. I am, however, extremely satisfied with my first ACO custom, it should tide me over for quite some time!

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