Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mini Orange & Clear Resin Ludwig Van Busts - Frank Kozik

Finally some Frank Kozik busts to add to my collection! Somehow I've missed, or been too poor, for every other Ludwig Van bust release in the past, but I managed to acquire the most recent mini resin busts. Of course, I would have had them a week ago if Australia Post weren't so incapable, but that's another story.
These busts were released for Designer Con this year(mentioned in a post on my other blog: DCON & Supanova), limited to 50 each. Luckily Kozik had a few lefts after the convention & listed them in his online store. They were simply too appealing, not to blow some cash on them.

Rather melodramatic toys really, the facial expression is perfect.
Of course, another new toy meant I had to reorganise my cabinet(again) to fit them in. Bit of a tedious process, one which won't work after I acquire one or two more items. Managed to squeeze the busts in next to my Clockwork Carrot, a nice little 'Kozik' section. It'll be nice when I get a new cabinet & my items back from the museum, then my Kozik selection will appear much more impressive. For now, small but effective.

Yet another brilliant addition to my collection. It's been a good year for ACO acquisitions, still hoping for one or two more before the year ends. Hopefully next year, I can hunt down the few I missed the opportunity to own this year. Though I do have many other future purchases coming in the future! Happy Holidays everyone & thanks for reading!

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