Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Living Dead Dolls - A Clockwork Orange Alex

I was caught off guard by this doll, both when it was announced & when it arrived! Didn't expect it to arrive for another two weeks & I honestly never thought this toy would exist! I pre-ordered at the beginning of June from popcultcha. It arrived about a month ago(I totally procrastinated on this blog), much sooner then I expected.

I'm so pleased by the packaging! I expected a generic Living Dead Doll coffin box, but apparently they've gone a bit more specific with their film-based dolls! Nice open window, amazing shade of orange & the classic hat/eye logo!

The doll is 10 inches tall(like all Living Dead Dolls), the box is about 13 inches tall. This is definitely one of the more domineering pieces within my ACO collection. So big I can't fit it in any of my cabinets, so for now, it has a home on top of my main ACO display.

I've seen a few people complain about the 'child-like' appearance of this doll. Insane complaint of course, as almost ALL Living Dead Dolls have a 'child-like' base. I think it's quite adorable really. They got all the details right, the hat, the eyelashes, the walking stick(which I beleive DOES have a knife concealed within it!). I personally love the overall aesthetics of this doll!

Technically this is my 2nd 'A Clockwork Orange' related Living Dead Doll. My oldest ACO collectable is my Sybil 'Fashion Victim' Living Dead Doll, which I acquired when I was about 16. It came with an additional ACO inspired outfit! I blogged about it years ago: Living Dead Devotchka. It's were my interest in Living Dead Dolls began & this new Alex doll is the doll I had dreamed they'd one day make!

I was almost tempted to unbox this doll, just to get a decent photo... but I settled & you'll all just have to deal with my less-then-great photography! I've never unboxed a Living Dead Doll & in the end I decided to stick to those convictions!

I love this doll & I'm eager to see what other movie-inspired dolls Mezco Toys produce in the future! I'm already very tempted by the Pennywise doll they released recently! I'm optimistic they might consider a Jack Torrence doll one day too!
This Living Dead Doll isn't limited & it's still available everywhere! I highly recommend you all add one to your life!

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