Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kubrey by C O D E C Z O M B I E & Fancy Edition Ice Scream Man by Brutherford Industries

I have two new toys to share with you today. I know I've been a bit slack with my blogging recently(have another post I'm still working on, that technically, I should have posted about a month ago... but I'll get there), but I'm determined to put more effort in(few changes in my life lately, really need to find something to pass the time).
So anyway, back to the point. During some recent browsing, I ended up on ViciousFun(they constantly have things I want) & I noticed they had acquired a Fancy Pants Ice Scream Man.

Image resized to reflect 'actual size'

Though I had no funds at the time, I instantly contacted them about international shipping & a couple of weeks later, it's mine! Really a stunning piece, all hand made by Brutherford Industries. It took me two years to hunt one down(in fact, it's one of the toys that inspired me to start this blog: here), but it was worth all that effort!!! Not technically 'A Clockwork Orange', but I read rumours that that's where the inspiration came from. Regardless, it shall live amongst my ACO pieces.

A few weeks ago I became aware of C O D E C Z O M B I E, just in time for them to release a Stanley Kubrick inspired toy called a 'Kubrey'. Three versions were created, Regular, DIY Blank & 5 FLUO figures(each a different colour).

Regular version

FLUO Versions

Blank DIY version

I was greatly concerned I'd never acquire one, they're a little pricey for my usual cash flow. Thankfully I have some awesome friends & my best friend offered to purchase the blank version for me for my birthday. Last weekend he popped around with it & now it has a place in my cabinet(as you can see, my collection has migrated to the top shelf of my cabinet).

It's a stunning piece of resin. 4.3inches tall & surprisingly well balanced considering the size of the head(& the tiny size of the feet!). Truly one of the most amazing pieces I own! Eager to see what C O D E C Z O M B I E creates in the future.

Definitely toys worthy of my collection. I'm insanely happy about these acquisitions. Hopefully I'll have more new stuff to share soon. It's been one of those years where money has been a struggle, but that hasn't stopped me!