Friday, June 7, 2013

The Paper Army or 'Lets Make Stuff!'

So, a couple of nights ago, I spent a few hours hunting down every ACO papercraft I could find. I amounted to seven in the end(I will of course keep my eyes open for more). I'd added links to all of them down the left side of my blog. All of them are free, except one. It's that 'one' which I'm here to discuss today. I've looked at Kubrick inspired papercraft a few times in the past. Usually the lack of a colour printer has stopped me from indulging, but from time to time, I've come across The Paper Army. Epic papercraft characters by Chakz Armada. Of course(why else would I be typing this) he's done a Alex inspired character. The price is a little high at $60, but it's a fantastic design & Chakz Armada's skill shows.

Just incase any of my code is broken, here's the links to the other six. If any of the links aren't working, let me know, as I've saved all the files & can upload them somewhere if necessary.