Monday, July 8, 2013

Little Things or 'More Mail!'

Don't you love it, when you've been hunting for something for years & suddenly, there it is, in your price range! Well, that has been me, consistently for the last couple of weeks, hence my prior post & this one. Lots of mail today!
Chris Hopkins Qee's are brilliant. Highly sought after & in my experience, rarely appear on eBay. I found the Ultra Violence Qee(orange version) a few years ago, a completely random find at the time(& I won it for a surprisingly low price), but one which resulted in me becoming aware of the Violence Bear(white version). Finally, after years of searching, one appeared on eBay a couple of weeks ago. I had to outbid a couple of competitors, but now it's mine!

My Violence Qee's

Now, this next item, is in no way official, but I simply couldn't resist. I went to the Supanova Pop Culture Expo last year & hope to go again this year. If I do, I'm considering cosplay. Being me, the obvious choice was Alex DeLarge.
I'm not quite sure how I found these two weeks ago(random eBay browsing most likely) but I'm so happy I did.
Kreepsville 666 do a lot of classic horror/gore styled items, blood-splattered eyeballs seem to be a common theme across their website. Within their new catalog, they released brooches.

I think they'll work perfectly as Alex DeLarge cufflinks. Heck of a lot cheaper then the custom made cufflinks I find now & then on eBay as well. Of course, I still need to buy white jeans & a white shirt & eyelashes. Apparently I felt the need to start with the little touches, but at least now I own blood splattered eyeball brooches.

Great price, great brand & they arrived incredibly quickly. I highly recommend having a bit of fun with your cosplay ideas, find something a little 'different' & embrace the 'weird'.