Friday, June 7, 2013

A Clockwork Carrot Release

Ok, so I've left this a little late. Toy Art Gallery are hosting the release of Frank Kozik's new A Clockwork Orange figure, tomorrow the 8th of June.

The release with be held at their Hollywood, California gallery space. 7-8pm

It's a beautiful design, preordered mine a couple of weeks ago(as I mentioned in an earlier post). Looking forward to adding it to my collection. Yet another epic piece from Frank Kozik.

This signing will also see the release of the ultra-limited A Clockwork Carrot “Pure Evil” edition, a exclusive between TAG and BlackBook Toy - only 10 pieces will be available from each store! Blackbook Toy will be selling this Pure Evil White after this event ends, June 12th from midnight.

"A Clockwork Carrot, produced by BlackBook Toy Japan and sculpted by T9G, is Kozik’s tribute to Kubrick’s seminal film. The figure is 11.25 inches of japanese soft vinyl, and interests include milk plus, a bit of the old ultra-violence and Beethoven."

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