Thursday, June 6, 2013

Designer Jewellery or 'Pretty Things I Want To Wear'

A bit of a change from toy posts. A nice selection of jewellery pieces I've found. I hope to own many of these in the future. Though I imagine I might be pushing my luck with the rings. However, only time will tell & for now, I can continue to admire their awesomeness.

Just a little information about each designer, in case anyone was interest:

1. Crazy Pig Designs ~ Absolutely stunning & wonderfully chunky rings from Crazy Pig. These are available in silver, gold & platinum. Fantastic rings from a brilliant company!

2. Fable & Fury ~ This deisgner has some many wonderful designs, it's hard to know how to choose. I own one of her necklaces(the Real Horror Show design), it's stunning in real life.
All her necklaces are available in silver or black. She also has a wonderful REDRUM necklace.

3. Wild Thing Studio ~ Wonderful gold Alex head pendant design. This is also available in black.

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