Friday, June 21, 2013

New Toy or 'I'm a lazy blogger'

My A Clockwork Carrot arrived a few days ago. I procrastinated with taking photos & then when I went to get the task done, my camera died, resulting in even more delay. These instances only exacerbate my laziness. Finally I'm here though, to share my new goodies with you all. There I was, up late(or early), as I often am, when my new Kozik toy arrived. Always nice when I don't have to do a trip up to the post office to collect my items. The packaging is pretty basic, but I'm a fan of bags for light-weight toys. Bag headers are always fun too, if I ever create a toy it's probably what I'd start with.

Bit of a sneak peak at my cabinet in this next picture(really don't want to share my collection on my blog until I get my stuff back from the QLD museum). My cabinet is a little disorganized at the moment, but for now I think my new toy fits nicely where he is. I love big toys, 9inches is a great size. Hoping to hunt down the black & white versions as well over time, as it would be nice to have a complete set. For now however, I'm quite happy about the new addition to my collection.

My Cabinet - Forth Shelf

On a side note, it was my birthday on the 18th(I'm 28... getting old). I was recently browsing ACO item on etsy & shared a few things on facebook. A friend of mine decided it was necessary to send me a gift(please ignore my crappy photography).

Clockwork Orange Ring - BlueMargarita

Absolutely awesome gift, I shall wear it religiously! Got to love friends who enjoy enabling my obsession & who doesn't love random gifties?

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