Monday, June 17, 2013

Shoework Orange or 'I finally found one!'

Woke up to find a package at my door today. I now officially own my very own Michael Lau Mr Shoe Shoework Orange sample. I've spent years hunting for one. During one of my many random google searches for ACO items recently, I stumbled across one on the kidrobot forums. For once, I was in luck & it was still available(I also messaged the seller two days before someone else enquired, my timing was perfect!).

Another piece of luck, the seller usually doesn't ship outside of Europe, but as I was quite willing to pay the extra shipping costs, Mr Shoe is now mine. It's insane how happy I am about this toy.

Everything about this toy just puts a smile on my face. The kind of 'raw' style, the highly amusing feet, the adorable mini shoebox & who doesn't love a toy with a hat?

I really love the detail on this piece, the little eyeball on the back is a lovely touch. Of the course the beautiful combination of orange, black & white is always appealing. This is of course, the one toy, that has made me realize how desperately I need to buy a bigger cabinet. In time, I hope to display his box beside or behind him, but for now I can only fit Mr Shoe on my shallow shelves.

This is my very first Michael Lau piece, there's a few others I'm seeking, but this little(or rather, 'big' as he stands about 6" with his hat on) guy I think will remain one of my favourite pieces for many years to come.

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