Sunday, June 9, 2013

Plushie Dolls or 'Stuffed Art!'

I was a little lost about what to post today. I've spent so much time in the last few days browsing & hunting for ACO Toys/Art/information/etc. that my brain is in a ACO overload. During this process however, I was reminded about a few items I wanted, which had slipped my mind. Is there anything better then a plushie? Especially hand-made or hand-painted ones! So here's my contribution to all the plushie fans out there(though I also recommend etsy for many cute ACO toys).

Just a little information about each item, incase anyone was interest:

1. Alex by Mediodescocido ~ I found this stunning little item sometime last year. This guys dolls are just incredible... technically there's about twenty I'd like to buy, but I'd settle for just Alex. I've found the best way to contact him about a purchase is through e-mail(I believe his contact details are on his facebook & website).

2. Stanley Kubrick by Papeles Y Sellos ~ This little doll is just brilliant. Kubricks face, an ACO print on his shirt & angel wings, as he's no longer with us. I absolutely adore this plushie, hopefully I'll be purchasing this one soon. Again, best way to contact the artist is through e-mail, details on both his facebook & website.

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