Monday, June 3, 2013

Recent Aquisitions or 'Look What's In The Mail!'

Recently I had a little splurging money, to buy a few of the new ACO items available & items I'd be considering for quite some time. One such item arrived today, so I thought I might share it, along with a few other items I'm currently waiting to recieve. Of course, like always, there are plenty of other items I'd like to buy right now... but money will allow for only so much. However, not a bad group of editions to my collection.

Just a little information about each item, incase anyone was interest:

1. A Clockwork Orange Usher Badge ~ This was a wonderful eBay find. Very rare item. Worn by ushers to advertise up-coming films. The seller has hundreds, almost all unused & ALL original. Mine arrived today... now I need to find a frame for it!

2. Droog Bust Barsom Edition by Retro Outlaw ~ Beautiful details bust sculpted by Barsom Manashian & poured by Chris Santaro. Yet another wonderful ACO-inspired piece from the guys at Retro Outlaw.

3. A Clockwork Carrot by Frank Kozik ~ Frank Koziks latest creation. I always enjoy his ACO creations(though still missing a few from my collection). I pre-ordered mine from Toy Art Gallery. I'm super excited about adding it to my cabinet, definitely a statement piece.

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