Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Woes Of Collecting or 'Why I Created This Blog'

So, I've been collecting A Clockwork Orange items on & off for the last 14years or so. I do regular searches online, to try & keep up with any new toys/art released. Recently however, I've miss the opportunity to own a few items, simple due to being unaware they existed until it was too late. It seemed to me, the logical thing to do, was attempt to draw more ACO collectors to my attention, thus reducing the change of missing future aquisitions. So yeah I am, creating a new blog. I plan to blog about myself a lot(I love to share pictures of my collection), along with new items I've found, or bought... & well, most likely a lot of Stanley Kubrick stuff... Because the man was a film God. So to get this blog started, here's a collection of images, of the items that inspired me to start this blog... Items I'll quite possibly never own(though of course, if anyone knows where I might find any of these items... PLEASE let me know!).

Just a little information about each item, incase anyone was interest:

1. Nadsat Boy by Kenth ~ I found this recently, it's existance shocked me. Had no idea this had been created. As you can see, other then one-offs, only blanks have been made so far & they're sold-out. I commented on one of the images on Kenths facebook, seems like more will be made, potentially a coloured version with higher numbers. So that's good news! I have no idea how many blanks were created.

2. Droogie by MannyX ~ I found this literally two days after it was released & with a run of only 3(one glow in the dark) at only $40 a piece... I'm prettysure they sold out in about 10seconds. This is an item I'm sure I will never own...

3. Ice Scream Man by artransmitte x Brutherford ~ Limited to 50, this awesome vinyl creation is simple, but brilliant. Of course, it sold out just before I knew about it. This is one item I hope to be able to hunt down sooner rather then later.

4. The Old Ultraviolence by Yosiell Lorenzo ~ A beautiful example of Lorenzos work. Yet another item I'm sure I'll never own(additional details in the photos).

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