Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fashion Victim Sybil or 'Living Dead Devotchka'

So, you might be wondering why I'm doing a post about a Living Dead Doll. Well, the very first ACO item I ever bought(besides the movie & book) was the Living Dead Doll Fashion Victim Sybil. Also, posting about items I don't own,(or may never own) was starting to get me down a little, so I thought I'd discuss something I DO own & still love.

My Sybils(my red curtains messed with the lighting)

Photo by Mark Cranitch

Now, from the front, you may think this is just another of LDDs many psychotic dolls... though perhaps with a little less clothing then usual.

But turn the box around & take a closer look & we find an entirely different outfit & the reason I think of Sybil as a fellow droog & why I consider her my first official ACO collectable.

Currently, my Fashion Victim Sybil is at the Queensland Museum, amongst many of my other items(including some of my ACO collection). Part of an exhibit called 'Collectomania'. I'll be blogging about it in a week or two, when I get new photos.