Thursday, October 22, 2015

Alex - Distinctive Dummies

A few months ago a friend of mine introduced me to Distinctive Dummies work. Situated in Thailand & run by only two people, they're hand crafted figures are amazing! They'd just released a Travis Bickle figure & the back of the figure card teased an upcoming Alex DeLarge. I made it my mission to acquire one! I contacted Distinctive Dummies directly to find out when it was due for release & saved up. I waited for months & when the notification e-mail arrived, I had mine ordered within 15mins of it's release!
The product images left me eager for my figure to arrive. The attention to detail is obvious.

These are the original product images

This amazing figurine has made up for one I missed out on earlier this year(don't ask... I'm still all depressed about it :P). Articulated, real fabric clothing & just an amazing interpretation of the character!
Due to space issues, I chose to remove him from his box(though i may one day change my mind). This is only my 2nd articulated Alex figurine(there are numerous others that exist), but definitely not disappointing!

Definitely one of the most brilliant items in my collection! I'm incredibly glad I had a couple of spare doll stands kicking around. Managed to JUST squeeze it into my cabinet. Some serious reorganising needs to be done! I don't think I'll be gaining much more this year for my collection. Christmas is on it's way & I'm hoping to move next year, so I need to start saving(of course, I say this, but it probably won't stop me!). But this figure was a nice way to end my acquisitions for the year(this will not stop me blogging by the way, things to get framed etc. which I'll be sharing)!