Monday, June 19, 2017

Puzzle/Playing Cards/Tin Signs - Aquarius

It was my birthday on the weekend(18th of June for anyone who cares to know :P). Throughout the last week or two I received a bunch of birthday discount codes, including one for ThinkGeek. I didn't have a great deal of money available to me at the time, but thought I'd have a browse on their site anyway. During my hunt through their 'On Sale' section, I stumbled across most of the A Clockwork Orange selection recently produced by Aquarius! I had just enough money to buy everything they had! A deck of playing cards, two tin signs & a 500 piece puzzle(well, admittedly I decided against a poster ThinkGeek also had in stock)!

I've seen these items around a lot lately. They were on my priority list. I'm glad to have acquired almost the entire selection. Aquarius have also produced a lunch tin & a few magnets as well. I hope to hunt down those items soon!

My birthday gift to myself for the year & a pretty darn good one if you ask me! I couldn't be happier about this sudden boost to my collection! It's so rare to find official A Clockwork Orange products, but these seem to be the exception!

I'd just like to emphasise how great thinkgeek are! I ordered my items on a Friday(the 9th) and they arrived the next Friday(the 16th). Ridiculously fast for a purchase from America to Australia(I ordered another item on the same day from Australia which didn't arrive until yesterday). I'm always so impressed by their speed & it meant my items arrived before my birthday!

It's amazing to have the chance to buy something official! ThinkGeek still have all the items in stock as I type, but you can also find these items on amazon, ebay & a bunch of other sites! I highly recommend taking the opportunity to add official items to your life! You can also take a look at the whole selection of A Clockwork Orange items on the Aquarius website!

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