Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Keanan Duffty Limited Edition T-Shirt

I haven't been buying much ACO stuff lately. Mostly because I'm a bit poor lately, but I've also been buying other toys(check out my Stuff & Things blog). However, I made an exception for this Keanan Duffty shirt when I stumbled across it on eBay recently.

I enjoy indulging in designer clothing now & then, I also love limited edition items. So this shirt was right up my alley. I don't buy ACO clothing as much as I use to(I have 5 or 6 ACO shirts amongst my mass collection of clothing), but I've found a couple of items recently that I just HAD to add to my collection. In fact, you can expect at least one more upcoming clothing post in the near future!
I bought this shirt though, not because of the limited number, or the designer aspect, but simply because I love the design. It's a really wonderful screen-print & done by hand.

I'm seriously considering wearing this shirt on Friday, when I go to see ACO at Event cinema. It's a little more subtle then my ACO jacket I think & one doesn't want to be too 'uber geek'.
AN additional note. I spent hours attempting to hunt for a toy I saw in a photo yesterday. I had no luck, but did find a couple of other ACO items I had been aware of. So hopefully there will be a few more regular posts from me in the next few weeks(assuming I acquire the money to buy these items anytime soon).

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