Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Alex by jellykoe & A Little Bit of the Old Ultra Violence by Joey Spiotto

I was going to wait until I had this print hung, but as I keep forgetting to buy more wall hooks, I've decided to push forward!

While randomly browsing artists on Facebook recently, I stumbled across jellykoe. I had no idea they had a Alex DeLarge print when i first had a look at their work, but was ever so happy when I found it in their store! One of many wonderful prints available(there's a few others I'm very tempted by), I was lucky enough to have enough money to order one.
My postman attempted to destroy it(as they tend to do), but luckily, it survived the onslaught & happened to fit a spare frame I had kicking around.

A simple choice of quote & beautiful little details. A very effective piece of art. Beautiful line work & the white edge worked perfectly for framing!

While I'm on the subject of art, it appears I never shared my Joey Spiotto(aka Joebot) print! Titled 'A Little Bit of the Old Ultra Violence' this print was part of the 'Storytime: A Little Gallery Show' exhibit at Gallery 1988 last year. I managed to score on of the last prints before they sold out.

Really nothing better then parodies of things from my youth! I intend to hang the jellykoe print next to it & then I'll need to hunt down another 8x10 art piece to help balance out that wall(because one must find excuses to buy more art)!
Honestly I'm a little confused that I never shared the Joebot print(& there's still more art to come, if I ever get it framed!). One of these days I'll catch up!

Additional note while I'm typing. I have a new toy on it's way which I'm super excited to blog about! So keep a look out for more posts in the near future!

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