Thursday, August 4, 2016

Clockwork Banana - Greenbag Toys

I recently received the most wonderful A Clockwork Orange custom from Greenbag Toys(Chester Greenbag), dubbed 'Clockwork Banana'.
Using the brilliant 'Sammy - Sado Friend' as a base(you can read more about original Sammy here: Sammy - Sado Friend - Greenbag Toys), I've received something truly amazing & unique!

So much effort went into this toy it's incredible! Even the packaging had a custom back-card! And it came with it's own banana-parody of 'The Rocking Machine' & look at that adorable little hat! Brilliant!
Greenbag Toys took the time to create an awesome graphic design for 'Clockwork Banana' as well! My favourite of the prints I received, but i look forward to hanging them all on my walls!

The combination of Sammys sadistic nature, with the ultraviolence of Alex DeLarge is genius really. A perfect meld of personalities. I'm so grateful to own this amazing custom piece! This is my third A Clockwork Orange custom toy & it's a truly worthy addition to my collection!

Though 'Clockwork Banana' is one of a kind(it's mine! MWAHAHAHAHA), Greenbag Toys has created numerous versions of Sammy & there's been some amazing custom work done as well! If you're interested in Sammy, you can find/contact Greenbag Toys on facebook & instagram

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