Monday, February 8, 2016

Clockwork x Hello Kitty - Cinnamonroll by PlasticGod

I recently became aware that PlasticGod(formerly PlasticFucker) had produced more Hello Kitty prints! Including a A Clockwork Orange version of Cinnamonroll! Cinnamonroll is probably one of Sanrios cutest creations & truly adorable in any outfit really. Of course in this case, I had own this new vision from PlasticGod!
I managed to catch his post-Christmas sale which was wonderful. I'd actually forgotten about the print until it arrived today. So it was a nice little surprise!

This can be bought here: Clockwork x Hello Kitty

This is the third PlasticGod print I own so far(two bought from the artist, one I hunted down on ebay). I really love the small, but chunky style of the prints. I'm super happy to have a third PlasticGod print in my collection!

I'm now running out of space for these prints in my cabinet. I'll be seeking out an appropriate frame for them, so they can finally go on my walls! They'll look adorable once I achieve it!

On the subject of hanging art, I've recently hung a few more pieces in my home!

It's nice to make a dent in my pile of unhung artwork... all the while adding to the pile too! The endless bane of the art collectors life!

Hopefully I'll have a few new items to share soon! I've got a couple of figures on pre-order & a friend is working on a special custom for me! So expect more updates soon! Sorry it's been such a slow start to the year!

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