Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mexican Toys - Homer Parodies - Alex

Here's a little something I stumbled across on eBay recently. A Homer Simpson Alex parody. Now, don't quote me on this, but from all my hunting, I'm pretty sure they're made by a company/artist called 'Mexican Toys'. They do parodies of all sort of characters, justice league for example, but Alex is of course where, my interest lay.

It's a beautiful item, a smooth paint job, the walking stick is a loose accessory, slides into the left hand & it's about 5.5inches tall. Overall a stunning figure, I'm incredibly pleased with it. By far one of the greatest items I've found on eBay all year.

I'm unsure how limited they are, I only found a few sites listing them, or with details about them. My suggestion if you want one, seek one out as soon as possible. The eBay seller I bought from claimed they were handmade(though there's no artist signature & I personally wonder, considering the perfectly smooth quality of the paint), so there's a chance the numbers are very low. I think it's a wonderful piece, completely worth adding to ones collection.