Sunday, December 1, 2013

Les Chieurs - Pooping Stars - Clockwork Orange

Stumbled across this rather unusual little figure a couple of months ago. Part of a highly amusing selection of figures by Les Chieurs from his Pooping Star series. The Clockwork Orange 'Pooping Star'

"Pooping stars is a collection of ironic figures that caricature famous people with their trousers round their ankles and their bottoms bare! In only a few years, this Catalan tradition, called caganers, has become trendy representing World leaders in a “politically incorrect” position. A symbol of luck and prosperity, the caganers put everyone in their place and remind us that even famous people take a crap… an unusual and funny gift that you won’t buy your grand-mother!"

Essentially, the idea of his figures is 'Everybody poops' including pop culture characters & social figures such as the Queen & the Pope! So greatly amusing, yet so true.
So glad I managed to find a little space for him in my cabinet. Particularly because I didn't take into consideration it's 4.5inches tall. For some reason I had it in my head he'd be half the size! Though I'm quite impressed by it's 'presence' in my cabinet.

One of my favourite ACO finds of the year, all thanks to attempting to hunt down another toy on Google image. After 5hours of hunting that day, I'd found quite a few things I didn't know existed. This is the first of more to come.

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