Sunday, May 6, 2018

Socks - Out of Print

I've been stalking Out of Print for years. A few months ago they had a sale on their new range of socks, so I had to buy some! I got pairs of the very awesome A Clockwork Orange Socks & their Banned Books socks(I also bought a pair of Library card socks).

The socks are part of Out of Prints A Clockwork Orange & Banned Books collections. Both collections include some great stuff, but being a bit of a sock hoarder, these were a top priority in my life!

The A Clockwork Orange socks are stunning, rich colours & a iconic image choice.

The banned books socks include some great titles, all of which have been banned somewhere since publication, for all kinds of insane reasons. A Clockwork Orange is amongst the titles of course.

I also love that this is a mismatched pair of socks, very fun!

The next items I hope to acquire from Out of Print are a couple of their tote bags. Just as awesome as the socks, basically the socks in tote form really :P I think they'd make an impression.

I highly recommend checking out Out of Print & their A Clockwork Orange collection.

Side note, they're having another sock sale! Buy 2 get the 3rd pair free! So get on that if you're looking for some epic footwear(or if you're like me & have a bit of a sock fetish :P)!

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