Tuesday, July 8, 2014

BIG Catch-Up!

Well, as you may have noticed, I've been a bit useless with my blogging lately. It's nothing new, I'm lazy. There's even a chance I pre-warned you all in previous entries about this bad habit of mine! I've decided it's finally time to catch-up & show you all my recent acquisitions, so bare with me!

First & foremost, the toy that took me longer to acquire then anything else EVER, the Crockman Hommage Statue.
I first stumbled across this epic piece of resin about 2.5years ago. In that time period, nothing went right. The original website that stocked them, didn't ship to Aus, so I found another site, but they had run out of stock. That's around the time I gave up on the idea, but then a friend suggested M-World Service. They found my toy within a matter of hours! Cost me a little extra, but it was worth every penny!
By far one of my all time favourite ACO acquisitions, though tragically I don't have the space to display it at the moment. Hopefully, I'll have a new cabinet soon to put him in.

Crockman Hommage Statue - Lucky Rudy

There are other versions of this, which I WOULD like to seek out one day, but for now the OG version makes me happy. Here are the others:

There I was, doing my daily eBay search for ACO items & I stumbled across a mobile phone cover. Pretty retro, absolutely obsolete these days, but as I had no intention of opening the packaging, it was destined to become part of my collection! Was also useful to know Lucastar had a eBay store! While I was at it, I ordered a 2nd ACO phone charm(I may potentially do a contest in the future & toss that in!). The phone cover is by a brand called Lex Lutor, who don't seem to exist anymore. Tragically I'm pretty sure I also ordered the last one Lucastar had in stock(so you're all out of luck!). Nice bit of randomness to add to my stuff though.
Mobile Accessories - Lucastar

As always, Frank Kozik has continued to produce items that I simply MUST have in my collection. I blogged about his mini busts a few months ago(Mini Orange Clear Resin Lugwig Van Busts), he then released another, the 'Milk Plus' version. Of course I needed it, so I got my money together & thankfully was able to acquire one.

Mini Ludwig Bust - Milk Plus - Frank Kozik

When I first started this blog(The Woes Of Collecting or 'Why I Created This Blog' ), I was driven to do so because I had learned about some recent releases, which I had missed the opportunity to buy. Specifically, a toy called 'Nadsat Boy' by Kenth. I'm still seeking that piece of vinyl awesomeness, however Kenth recently released another ACO inspired toy. This time, in resin.
There was a lottery for this toy, I feel incredibly lucky to have won the opportunity to purchase one. It's tiny & delicate & articulated(even it's head swivels!)!

Kenth Toys(Komori Kentaro) - Basic Wars - Nadsat Boy

Ok, so that's basically all the new toys & stuff. Now, the artwork.... or at least the artwork I recently hung(i'm a bit slack with hanging art).

Stuff I've recently hung(some new acquisitions, some old):

James Flames - You Are Invited

James Flames does epic work & I'm so glad to finally have this poster up(it had been sitting in a tube for over a year). The photo looks a little weird, as it's hanging on an angled wall(nice use of space I thought!). Took two tries to get it to stay up, but I got there in the end!


Picked this up on etsy(again, at least a year ago). It's an original by a woman called 'Dolicia'. Tragically, I can't find any additional info about her & her etsy store seems to be gone now. The moment I saw this painting I wanted it & Dolicia was kind enough to hold it for me. I'm incredibly happy to finally have it on my walls(the other painting is a gilcee print from R.S.Connett for anyone wondering).

Wellbound Productions- Tim Allen - Clockwork Ted
I recently went to the Brisbane Alternative Expo(b'day outing with my Dad) & the very first thing I found, was a ACO item. The guys from Wellbound Productions do awesome work, but of course, I went with Clockwork Ted. A beautifully messy, yet effective piece of art. I got to have a chat with the guys & Tim Allen signed the print for me. I'm very much looking forward to the next Expo(and hopefully one or two conventions this year too!). A great little b'day bonus for myself & thankfully, I happened to have a frame kicking around that fit it.

For now, that's it on the art front. I have a few other pieces kicking around in tubes(even have a new piece on it's way), but I'm all out of frames/mylar sleeves/ or any other 'hanging' solutions that will fit my remaining pieces. I'm working on the problem.

To finish up, here's some updated shots of my cabinet. There's a handful of things missing, as I currently can't fit them in(nice to have my stuff back from the museum, but problematic thanks to buying so much new stuff last year). I'm pretty happy with how much I've managed to squeeze in there though!

There's a couple of other things I thought about sharing, but I have counterparts for them arriving soon, so I shall share the rest in future blog entries. For now, be jealous of all my new epicness!

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