Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Clockwork Orange Kitty - Plasticgod & Ultraviolence Qee - Toy2R Version

As per usual I'm falling behind on my blogging again, so today I have two new items for you.

About a year ago(possibly longer, my perception of time isn't great), I stumbled across this blog entry: Sanrios 50th Anniversary Party Which was the moment I became aware of Plasticgod(or rather, became aware of his art, I knew he made toys).
Since reading that blog I regularly went hunting for his art & managed to find one of his MUCH older Alex Delarge prints on eBay about 6months ago(from back in his Plasticfucker days). I had pretty much lost all hope of finding the Clockwork Kitty, but thanks to habit, I was hunting again recently & learned that Plasticgod had made a pinterest! One specifically for his Hello Kitty work in fact. Turned out, he somehow still had prints to sell(they are limited to 35), so I contacted him, paid & now have a second print in my collection(& still a lack of photography skills to go with them)!

The next item is one I'd been seeking for at least three years. There are three sets of Ultraviolence Qees by Kozik & thanks to my friend JazzyDan(from Fugi.me I have my first set! The Toy2R set(or simply 'black set'). SO happy about these! I attempted to buy one of the other sets this year, but it arrived with sun damage & I had to return them, it's nice to finally succeed with a purchase of these... now I just have to hunt down the other two sets.

So yeah, new things & more coming. So glad to have finally hunted down some items that I had struggled to find.

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