Thursday, July 24, 2014

Chad Scheres - Monster Art

So there I was a few months ago, browsing ebay(as I do) & I stumbled across a pretty awesome piece of Monster Art. A beautifully disturbing parody of Alex DeLarge. Essentially, I had stumbled across another fellow Kubrick fan!

So I sought out the artist, Chad Scheres, on Facebook(gotta keep up the networking!). During my process of acquiring money to buy his most awesome monster parody of Alex DeLarge, he was writing a book, How To Draw Monsters with Paul Ledney. So, I obviously needed to order a copy of that as well(I've been indulging in some drawing lately)!

He packed my order full of goodies, prints, stickers & his most awesome trading-card sized business cards! I'm so happy to own an original piece of Monster Art, it's ridiculous! Now I must acquire new frames, to hang some beautifully colourful freaks on my walls!

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