Monday, September 7, 2015

No. 227 by United Monsters

It was one of those times I was just randomly scrolling through Facebook, saw a post from a new friend I'd just added, thought the toys were cute & went to browse the store. Saw a bowler hat & upon closer inspection, realised it was a A Clockwork Orange inspired toy! A day later I contact them about shipping, a couple of days later I get an invoice & a week and a half later, I receive this most unusual & beautifully rendered toy!

Created by United Monsters in Korea(possibly my first Korean toy, i'm not sure). Made from concrete, a very unusual material for an art toy. It's a truly unique design concept.
They also went to great lengths with the presentation of this toy. The packaging is well though out & beautiful(you can check out the stickers in detail in their store). Really quite unexpected considering the very reasonable price of their toys.

All of their creations are numbered. This piece is No. 227.

The toys are covered in little details. The range is amazing! Their faces can also be removed & swapped with each other with is a nice touch. Nice to see a bit of fun thrown into a design & the vast variety of designed makes for some exciting combination possibilities!

Overall this is probably one of my favourite acquisitions this year. I'm really just blown away by the aesthetics of this piece & insanely happy that I stumbled across this little guy!
I highly recommend you go buy one of your own!

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