Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Art - Chad Scheres, Nicolas Caesar & Wellbound Productions

Apparently I've fallen WAY behind in my art updates. I had no idea I'd been so slack. So time for a big blog, with plenty to share! These pieces have been acquired over the last 8months or so(See! said i was behind!). Can't tell you why I've failed so miserably sharing these... just slipped my mind I suppose.

Lets start with something weird & creepy. My Clockwork Scorpian by Nicolas Caeser. I tragically missed out on the original painting, but luckily Nicolas chose to make prints! He was also kind enough to toss in a few extras! The sushi Godzilla is brilliant!

Last year at Supanova I picked up another print from Wellbound Productions(blogged about them previously here). I also had a similar size print from Chad Scheres a.k.a Toyghoul(which i DID blog about here), one to match the original Droogbacca drawing. I finally got some frames recently... but they were ugly, so I painted them(about my limit of craftiness) & now I'm prepared to show you these!

Pretty happy with the overall aesthetics, now I just need to hang them! A nice combo of South Park & Star Wars parodies on my walls will be a wonderful addition!

On the subject of South Park, I wanted to shared some screen shots from the episode 'Titties and Dragons'. The middle episode of a three-parter, during which it's suggested George R. R. Martin has a penis obsession. At the end of 'Titties and Dragons', we're subjected to a parody of the Game of Thrones theme song, entirely about weiners. In the background we see something familiar.

Another brilliant reference to ACO in Matt Stone & Trey Parkers work!
I'm a huge fan of The Rocking Machine, brilliant piece of art. Nice to see it pop up in one of my favourite shows.

And can you believe it, this isn't even everything I'm back-logged on! More stuff to frame & hang & share. I'll get too it all eventually!

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