Monday, February 8, 2016

Clockwork Head enamel pin - The Toy Finder

My friend The Toy Finder has designed an amazing enamel pin badge he's called 'Clockwork Head'! He's chosen to sell it through You can order yours here: Clockwork Head

The design is simple & effective. It's a wonderful use of shape & colour to achieve something truly unique!
25 need to sell before the badge is produced. I've order mine! Go order yours while you can! Only 20days left to support this awesome little piece of art!

Art pins are really making a mark at the moment, they're a great way for artists to express themselves in a way that's affordable for everyone! They're a little bit of art you can wear everywhere! It's wonderful to see my friends embrace the trend. I hope to own a great deal more pins in the future & continue to support this fantastic art realm!

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