Friday, November 18, 2016

miniKUBREY - Monolith - Codeczombie

To my great surprise, Codeczombie started working on mini versions of his Kubrey sculpt a few months ago. I was so excited, but had to wait patiently for an online release(with one or two conventions releases to tease me in the meantime). The day finally arrived & Codeczombie released 3 different versions! Monolith(black), Redrum(red) & Typewriter(yellow).

Being poor, I had to settle on buying only one. I went with the Monolith version because currently I'm indulging a 2001: A Space Odyssey obsession, also who doesn't like black? I'm seriously considering saving up for the other two while they're still available.

Perhaps due to my continued patronage, Codeczombie send me an extra mini Kubrey! It was a fantastic surprise when I opened my package! I've been told it was intended to be orange, but as it was a colour trial, it turned out fleshy. Either way, it's a one-off & it's a wonderful new addition to my Kubrey collection!

I'm a huge fan of Codeczombies work. His skill with design & the excution of his ideas amazes me! I'm so proud to be the owner of some of his work & remain very excited to see what he creates in the future!

The new minis have found a home in my cabinet with my full-sized blank Kubrey. A lovely contrast of colours, that I can only hope to add more to in the future!

The mini Kubreys are still available, you can buy them here: miniKUBREY

I honestly couldn't recommend these little chunks of resin more! For only €25.00 they're a total bargain.

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