Saturday, October 22, 2016

'A Clock Orange' FilmFufu ABC Block Series - Tofufu

About 18months ago, I inquired with Tofufu about the potential for some droog art designs. Originally I just requested Alex DeLarge, eventually we settled on all four Droogs!
These took me longer to pay for then they should have(because i'm useless), but damn were they worth the wait! The 'work in progress' images taunted me as I made my payments:

A is for Alex DeLarge - G if for George - P is for Pete - D is for Dim
'A Clock Orange' FilmFufu ABC Block Series, printed on 10x10inch bamboo wood panels.

Honestly it's hard to really capture the overall effect of these, my photos really don't do them justice! I'm eager to get them on a wall to give them the space they deserve(& need)! Hopefully I'll be able to achieve some photography of a calibre more appropriate to this collection of adorable drooginess!

The orange background is a bit metallic & really hard to show off in a photo! My photos neglect to show of the colours & details as well. It's hard to emphasise the epic size of these in photos too. Now that I've render my photography meaningless; I guess you'll just have to buy some prints & find out for yourself how amazing these are ;P
I now have myself 20x20inches of shiny droogs on wood! These will be the only 'A Clock Orange' droogs printed on 10x10inch panels. They're going to be a unique & impressive addition to my walls!

The lovely folks at Tofufu threw in a bunch of extra goodies for me too(they helped keep down shipping costs for me too, by bringing the prints with them during a trip to Australia)! I love their mini prints, I think the designs are brilliant! 'Toy Happens', that's good stuff!

I couldn't be happier with how these turned out! A little bit of cute & a bit of the old ultraviolence!

Want to buy something? You can check out their store on their website & their store on etsy! You can find A is for Alex available already & I'm sure the other droogs will be available soon!

You can find Tofufu on facebook, instagram & Twitter.