Monday, January 9, 2017

End of 2016

I completely procrastinated getting this blog post written, but I just wanted to share my last few ACO acquisitions of 2016 before the new year gets too far along.

I recently shared two Mini Kubrey figures that I added to my collection. Literally a couple of days after making that blog post, another one arrived! This was a completely unexpected gift from a friend of mine & a VERY welcome addition to my collection! I had been eager to own this blank version, but it was a New York Comic Con exclusive & honestly never expected to hold it in my hands. Thankfully, my friends often prove me wrong!

I've also added the 'masked' Alex DeLarge Pop! Vinyl to my collection. I had a friend inform me a few stores on ebay were letting them go cheap, so I grab one. As per tradition when it comes to Funko toys, the quality is a little lacking. There's a small paint fault on it's nose that bothers the hell out of me.... I'm considering buying another. For now, I hope to stumble across the OG version the wild somewhere.

The last addition to my ACO horde last year, was a X-Mas gift from my Dad & his wife. I had yet to own a audio copy of ACO, so this was a unexpected & greatly appreciated gift! I haven't listened to it yet(working through other books I got for X-Mas currently), but I'm eager to delve into it!

It was a good year for new additions to my collection. Let's hope the new year brings more of the same!