Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Clockwork Orange Customs - Bash Projects(Bas Petter)

The last edition & the biggest, in a rather large order from Bash Projects. This was a long-term purchase(for lack of a better phrase), but it's totally been worth the wait!
Amongst the many toys contained in this recent package, I present a Bash Projects customisation of the epic 'William & Henry' by Frank Kozik.

My first A Clockwork Orange additions of the year! Also my largest ACO customs to date! I knew they were big, but honestly, holding them in my hands makes me wonder where on earth I'm going to put these! Some serious reorganisation lays ahead of me!

I really love all the little details on these. The rhinos tiny hat, the blood splatter on it's horn, but it's the unique take on the eyelashes that really grips my attention on this piece!

I think this is my first custom with a little droog-minion, also my first custom with a mask! Honestly, one can't go wrong with an elephant & an elephant in a mask, that's just too darn cute! I also think his little shorts/cod-piece combo are ridiculously adorable!

It's nice to have such a sizeable addition to my collection. I'm looking forward to creating space to display these two(& the rest of this mammoth lot of toys!).

You can read about the other toys from this lot(& more about the lengthy process of acquiring them) on my other blog Stuff & Things

I'm unsure if Bas still makes custom toys, but if you're interested you can inquire with him on facebook.