Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Metal Lunch Box - Aquarius

A quick follow-up from my last blog post(Puzzle/Playing Cards/Tin Signs - Aquarius). I acquired myself the metal lunch tin by Aquarius! I wanted one badly, so I pop on ebay & found myself a reasonable price($24.44 AUD & free shipping!).

Perhaps not the greatest A Clockwork Orange item ever, but I love it! It's only the 2nd lunch tin my life(the other being a Hellraiser tin) & it's one I had hoped would be made one day!
As you can see, I wasn't able to fit this in my main A Clockwork Orange cabinet... I really need to update my furniture!

Now I just need to hunt down the mugs, sticker & magnets Aquarius have produced & I'll be satisfied(I've yet to find a reasonable price for the mugs)! Well, until the next company that acquires the rights to ACO & starts producing more stuff!

The entire selection of A Clockwork Orange items on the Aquarius website if you want to check it out!