Monday, June 11, 2018

Alex DeLarge - Vinyl Idolz

This will be a short blog(just another 'catch-up' post). I've been after one of these since Evil Corp originally shared a image of the design. I was so excited when they started producing toys! Thankfully they've chosen to produce some amazing characters so far & Alex is amongst them!

Last year I went to the Brisbane Supanova. I bought many things. Australia lacks variety in toys, mostly Funko & Kidrobot, but sometimes that's ok! I managed to get a little something to cover most of the realms of pop culture I indulge in!

The pinnacle item of course, was my Alex DeLarge Vinyl Idolz figure! I bought it from Popcultcha(their con booths are EPIC!). I LOVE this toy! I love the sculpt design, the smooth lines, even the paint work is quite impressive(for a Funko release).
I love that Evil Corp decided on a simple, symmetrical pose. It brings a nice contrast to the aspects of Alex's outfit that are asymmetrical.

I highly recommend the Funko Vinyl Idolz figures! Evil Corp designs are some truly aesthetically pleasing stuff!

You can check out more of Evil Corps work on their website or on their facebook!

Popcultcha no longer have the Alex DeLarge Vinyl Idolz in stock, but they do have multiple other ACO items currently available! I recommend checking out their catalogue, even international shipping tends to be quite reasonable!

Now I'm officially all caught-up with my blog! I promise to never fall so behind again! Keep an eye out for more up-coming posts. Lots of new things on there way to me that I'm eager to share!

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