Saturday, May 19, 2018

Screen-Printed Tee - Mike McGann

Josh M Griffiths(who runs Art Whore) shares some amazing art & artists. Recently he's been sharing images of Mike McGanns t-shirt designs. Mike makes all his own screens & screen prints all his shirts himself. He's been printing shirts for decades & Art Whore has brought Mike's work to the internet!

Amongst the many shirt designs Josh has shared, this one obviously caught my attention! I love the combination of the detailed print, with the wonky writing across the top. I'm pretty sure 'googlyies' isn't a word, but it cracks me up! It's a beautiful piece of aggressive artwork & I'm proud to be able to wear it on my chest!

Being me & not being a big t-shirt fan(it's too damn hot here!), I cut the sleeves off! Much prefer my shirts in muscle-tee style & it's now a staple item in my wardrobe!
I had my Mum snag a photo(not my best picture ever, I was in desperate need of a hair cut.)! Had a few random compliments while wearing it out, always a nice moment in life.

Mike McGann is 64 & lacks any online presence. Thanks to Art Whore you can learn more about Mike & his art in a recent Art Whore 'artist feature', where you can browse some of Mikes portfolio & read more about the artist!
Or you can watch the interview Art Whore did with Mike on youtube!

If you're interested in acquiring any of Mike McGanns t-shirts(though in the case of my most awesome A Clockwork Orange shirt, I think I got the last/only one, so you're out of luck there!), you can contact Art Whore through their website & facebook.

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