Thursday, May 3, 2018

Rick and Morty & Clockwork Orange Mash-up Enamel Pin - Grimm & Grinz

It's been forever since I wrote a blog, obviously I'm lazy as hell & unmotivated, but I received something today I just HAVE to share(& I'll work through my backlog of stuff over the next week or two)!
Much like most of the world I have become a big fan of Rick & Morty, so when I saw this pin on etsy I just HAD to have it! It was created by Grimm & Grinz and is limited to 100.
A recreation of one of the most pinnacle scenes in A Clockwork Orange & really a pretty apt play on it. I could totally see Rick subjecting Morty to the Ludovico Technique(for any number of reasons :P).

This pin makes me ridiculously happy! Hopefully sometime in the near future I'll have a display solution for it & all the rest of my pins(use to keep them on my bag, but kept losing them). For now this is added to my pile.

You can find Grimm & Grins on facebook, or check out their etsy store(this pin IS still available)!

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