Monday, September 5, 2016

Hogs of the Road print - Brent Cheshire

I've been following Brent Cheshires work for a few years now & for most of that time I've been coveting his 'Hogs of the Road' design. It's self-explanatory why I longed for this piece!

It's an amazing use of a iconic scene from A Clockwork Orange. Executed beautifully, the combinations of different shades of black/white/grey work to achieve something truly unique! This is the 2nd run of this print Brent Cheshire has done. A slightly smaller version at 18x24inches(I believe the original was 24x36inches), but still large enough that I have no idea where i'm going to hang this!
My photography really doesn't do this amazing piece justice(it's very difficult taking photos of solid black!). My copy is number 19 out of an edition of 100.

Brent Cheshire was also kind enough to send me an additional print for free & it's signed by Malcolm Mcdowell!! Seriously so grateful for this amazing piece as well! It's another design of his I'd seen over the years & loved.

These are not my first Cheshire prints, I have multiples of another he did back when he was collaborating with Retro Outlaw(one of these, I'll give away one day!). I may have more), but my memory fails me today! A sign that I need to hang more of my artwork I'd say!
I highly recommend Brent Cheshires work! His use of colour is stunning, his parodies/mash-ups of pop culture are genius! Honestly there's no reason NOT to buy yourself a Cheshire print! For only $30US his Hogs of the Road print is more then worth the price!

You can find Brent Cheshire on etsy

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