Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Droogimus Prime & Stuff - Cult Mini-Figures

My good friend Steve Moffatt of Cult Mini-Figures, was kind enough to make a couple of VERY awesome custom toys for me recently! First, he share this WIP photo in my Resin Toy Obsession group on facebook.

As expected, I got rather excited when I saw this! The idea of a transformer droog(or droogy in disguise?) greatly amuses me! Steve had made it for me, on a whim(or a great need to use up his horde of supplies :P)! Was so happy when it arrived yesterday!

You may notice the other toy in the photo(i've dubbed it 'Fluff Critter'), which you can read about in more detail here: Fluff Critter & Stuff - Cult Mini-Figures

Having no real name, I'd decided to call this new figure 'Droogimus Prime'. It's a great addition to my collection of custom ACO toys, which I really do need to add to more often! I couldn't be more grateful for this hilarious culture-clash!

My photography skills really don't do justice to the details on Droogimus, but you can find more of Steves work(& his own photography) on facebook & Instagram

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