Monday, August 8, 2016

Clockwork Orange - Custom Minifigs

Finally ordered myself a Clockwork Orange minifigure from Custom Minifigs! This minifig is part of their 'Oh, the horror!' Custom Minifigure series 3. I just had to own it & the rest of the series is pretty damn tempting too(not to mention the previous series!).

The details on this minifig are rendered beautifully! He even comes with a little hat, walking stick & a little carton of milk!
The folks at Custom Minifigs put so much work into their minifigs it's amazing! Everything about this minifig is executed perfectly!

They have a couple of other Kubrick inspired items available as well! I'm in the process of acquiring a HAL 9000 tile & I'll definitely be back for Jack Torrence as well! I hope to see more Kubrick inspiration in their work in the future!
Their packaging is fun too! Like a little matchbox for my minifig! The simple nature of the packaging helped keep the shipping down, which is always appreciated! In fact it was an entirely problem free buying experience!

I'm super happy to finally have one of these in my collection! For now it takes it's place in my cabinet, but I've ordered a display box for it & hope to expand the collection a little, so it's current home is temporary.

My photos really don't do this minifig justice(in fact, my photos suck!), but don't let my inability to take a decent photo deter you! This isn't the first A Clockwork Orange Lego custom I've seen & it won't be the last, but this is definitely a superior example! Custom Minifigs do amazing work & they're worth every penny!

You can find Custom Minifigs on facebook & Twitter

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