Thursday, August 11, 2016

Custom Dunny - Jon-Paul Kaiser

A few weeks ago The Toy Chronicle held a guessing contest for when they'd hit 2 million page views on their amazing blog. They hit that goal on the 23rd of July & I had the winning guess!

The prize was an unknown. I spent the last couple of weeks wondering what it might be. What I received went beyond all my expectations! I actually did a giddy little happy dance when it arrived at my door this morning! Quite possibly the greatest surprise of my life to date!

Hand-painted by the super talented Jon-Paul Kaiser & one of a kind! The little accessory 'The Rocking Machine' is an original sculpt & hand-painted as well! The details are perfect. Adding a Jon-Paul Kaiser custom to my collection was the last thing I expected to be doing today!

This is my forth A Clockwork Orange customisation(and only my second Dunny!). The incredible level of detail in this design is mind blowing & it's simply beautiful! I've been in awe of Jon-Paul Kaisers work for a few years now, I feel truly privileged to have this in my collection!

My photography really doesn't do this amazing piece justice(as per usual)! The fine detail is almost intimidating & a photo just isn't enough to really show it off. To get all self-righteous for a moment, basically none of you will ever known the awesomeness of this new addition to my cabinet :P

I just want to say another huge thank you to Gary & Andy over at The Toy Chronicle, you guys are amazing, I don't have the words to express how thankful I am! And Jon-Paul Kaiser your work stuns me & I'm so grateful to have your art within my collection! I really appreciate the thought that went into this amazing prize. I still can't quite believe I actually won this!

You can find Jon-Paul Kaiser on facebook, Twitter & Instagram
You can find The Toy Chronicle on facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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