Thursday, August 9, 2018


My latest addition to my PlasticGod collection! This thing is TINY! This is my 4th print from Plasticgod & it's the first 'mini' print I've acquired from them! It's so ridiculously small & cute!

These mini prints are 1.5 x 1.5 inches, digitally printed & limited to 50. Each one is signed & numbered. For only $15 USD these are totally worth it! This is definitely the smallest canvas I've ever owned(& will ever own, most likely!). Tried for a comparison image, though it occurs to me half my readers probably have no idea how big a Australian 20c coin is :P

These were designed for the 50th Hello Kitty Anniversary. They're part of a huge selection PlasticGod has available. But there was only one design for me!
This tiny thing makes a wonderful addition to my prior Cinnamonroll PlasticGod print, which in turn was a brilliant addition to my other two PlasticGod 'A Clockwork Orange' inspired prints!

It would seem I was the first person to buy one of these, so there's still 49 available! You can buy one here. PlasticGod also still has one of his other A Clockwork Orange x Hello Kitty prints available, which you can find here! Or if you just want to check out his work, you can find PlasticGods site here. You can also find Plasticgod on instagram

I'm a huge fan of PlasticGods work, so I might be mildly bias, but I highly recommend his work & honestly, who doesn't want a tiny little canvas in their life?